Solar PV

We design and install solar photo-voltaic (PV) systems. We also service and upgrade existing systems.

How Solar Electric Systems Work

Solar panels produce electricity from light. An inverter changes the direct-current electricity produced by the panels into alternating-current electricity that is the same as electricity in the from the National Grid. Optional batteries store surplus electricity.

An incentive scheme by the UK government called the Feed in Tariff (FiT) means that you get paid for all the electricity that you generate.

Financial and other benefits of solar PV system:

  • payments for all the electricity you produce - generation tariff (via FiT)
  • payments for electricity you send to the National Grid; assumed 50% - export tariff (via FiT)
  • lower bills to pay for electricity, battery storage can hugely help with this
  • you contribute to lower CO2 emissions

With the recent cut to the FiT, solar PV systems with battery storage are becoming more popular. There are several different solutions on the market and some systems are suitable for retro-fit existing solar PV systems. Contact us for more information. We can advise you according to your requirements, or arrange site visit to discuss in more detail, all without charge and with no obligation.

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